Perspective and Other Mythical Constructs.

Daystart MN.21.MAR.22

Daystart MN.21.MAR.22
Photo by Paul Skorupskas / Unsplash

Is this the start of a new practice? Maybe? Some thoughts to start the day.

I slept in. I woke up and went back to sleep rather. The last few weeks have seen me slip on the discipline front; repeatedly. I'm not sure why, but lord knows I need some structure in my life.

The pollen count is through the roof and my allergies are in full swing. I refuse to take allergy meds, so I suffer in manly silence. Silence except for the nonstop sneezing and sniffling.

The final grading period of her final year of high school started for my kid today. The future remains unknown but its rapidly becoming the present before receding behind us into the past. We never know we're living in the good old days until we look back a few years from now and realize how precious these last few years under the same roof have been. Time's arrow only moves in one direction and change is the only constant.

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Jamie Larson